Jim-Martin-FullJim Martin – President

Jim V. Martin made Dothan his home in 1979 after graduating from college in Abilene, TX. After working for the industry’s leading solid waste service provider for several years, Jim soon realized he had found his niche. He also recognized a market that wasn’t being resourced, so he founded a company in 1999 named Innovative Recycling Services that was based on cardboard recycling only. Five years later, the business was expanded to offer roll-off services and commercial solid waste services. This company is known today by its friends and customers as Martin Environmental Services, Inc. As Jim built Martin Environmental he did the majority of the work himself, only adding employees as the need arose, all while Operating out of his home. This business model helped to create the strong foundation that Martin Environmental Services is built on today. The work ethic and dedication he used in the past is the same vision the company uses today. Over the years, he has established Martin Environmental Services as one of the most diverse and environmentally conscious player’s in the Solid Waste Industry. Martin Environmental Services now makes its home at 419 Eastland Road in Dothan. As President, Jim directs the company to maintain its core values and principles while providing a direction for the future.